Our Story

A short story about We Drifters and our nifty sleepwear

We travelled half way across the world

Back in 2014, we travelled to South East Asia to explore a side of the world we’d never seen before. It was beautiful, but there was one thing that kept bugging us – bugs!

Tired of spraying insect repellent, wearing restrictive head nets and squeezing into sleeping bag liners, we came up with an idea. Why not avoid insect bites with our own pyjamas?

So, we created our comfy premium sleepwear from soft bamboo and anti-insect technology to keep the bugs at bay.

As well as our sleepwear, travel also inspired our path of living life on our own terms, and finding a sense of freedom and purpose. This led to the creation of We Drifters, a community of travel and adventure lovers,with well-being at the heart of it.