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Premium sleepwear enhanced with tech to keep bugs at bay

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Gender NEUTRAL design

Minimalist style designed for comfort, not gender

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Lightweight bamboo fabric, adaptive to wherever you are

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Anti-Insect Sleepwear

Lightweight bamboo fabric enhanced with tech, to keep bugs at bay. Our sizing is unisex and each set includes socks and a 2-in-1 pillow case & storage bag.

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Customer Testimonials

"I've loved having my sleepwear to keep me cosy on my adventures – I love how soft and luxurious the fabric is and the fit is perfect."

Alice Carder
"The sleepwear is just incredible! The midges are awful in Wasdale and thankfully at night they seem to be keeping their distance!"
Charlotte Pottersinger
"I love the fact that this amazing sleepwear comes in a pillowcase and with a pair of socks. It is basically the complete pack for a stress-free night outdoors or indoors. I keep recommending it to all my friends."
Leticia Credidio

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