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Stock our unique, multi-functional, premium bamboo sleepwear

Premium Lifestyle

Our nifty luxury sleepwear not only gives your consumers peace of mind thanks to the revolutionary anti-insect technology, it also looks good and perfectly fits in several premium lifestyle categories. Stocking our unique Anti-Insect Sleepwear helps you serve your consumers better and helps you truly stand out from the competition.

Ethical Fash-Tech Brand

Enhance your brand portfolio by aligning with We Drifters. We are of the moment, relevant, ethical, and innovating in the fash-tech space. Our diverse team, inspiring black female-founder story, passionate travel community, and charitable giving (£2 from each sale helps end malaria) are all part of our DNA, packaged with our unisex products.

Easy to Stock & Sell

Ordering with us is simple and direct. No need to faff about with long forms and automated emails, with us you will always deal with a real person and top-class customer service. We can work with companies big and small, and provide tailored support and marketing materials to help you sell (not that much is needed!)

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Register your details if you are interested in selling our products. We will send you our catalogue with our Anti-Insect Sleepwear and the latest new products available to pre-order.

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