3 Reasons Why Going Travelling With Your Child Can Be So Rewarding

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Everyone loves going away on holiday. Heading abroad (or taking a modern staycation) with our kids is becoming an increasingly popular option for families wanting to unwind. A recent study found as many as 81% of parents intended to go on holiday with their kids in 2023, with nearly 20% of them having already booked their travels prior to the end of 2022.

Yes, there's clearly a strong desire to get out and see at least one corner of the world with the little ones. But did you know that the experience doesn’t just have to be fun, it can also provide your bundles of joy with some valuable life lessons!

In this blog, we’re going to share three key benefits that make travelling with a child so rewarding. Whether it’s a skill which will have an immediate impact on their lives, or something which could help with their future development, here are three reasons the kids need to jet off with you on your next adventure.

1. Boosted confidence

While perhaps not the first thing which springs to mind when it comes to a holiday, surveys have found that children experience a boost in their confidence levels when they’re away on vacation. A lot of this stems from a mixture of heightened independence and exposure to new experiences.

One study by Booking.com found that 45% of children found their confidence levels had gone up after their first holiday – with the most popular reason cited being increased competency when it came to reading maps.

2. Memories that last a lifetime

Ultimately, we go on holiday for two reasons – to take a mental break from our day-to-day lives, and to indulge in experiences which become lifetime memories. For kids, the latter is particularly important. The memories they make now will stick with them throughout most of their lives. As a parent, you’ll want to be part of that.  

A lot of mums and dads seem to understand that, with as many as 43% of respondents in a Love Holidays study saying that forging lifelong memories was a huge part of why they took kids on vacation with them.

3. A taste of foreign cultures

The world is growing ever smaller. It’s arguably more important than ever to make sure kids are being exposed to something they wouldn’t normally experience in their daily lives. Taking a trip to somewhere with a totally different culture to your own is a great way to do that.

While we wouldn’t recommend diving head first into a completely nomadic lifestyle, showing them different ways that people around the globe live could give them a fresh outlook. We’re all here sharing this planet together, and it’s important the next generation understand that we need to work together to keep it thriving.

In truth, there are a myriad of reasons why travelling with kids can be beneficial for both them and you. Don’t miss your chance to get out and experience something unforgettable with them before they grow up and start having their own adventures.