Bamboo Pyjamas – The Ultimate Sleepwear

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Bamboo pyjamas are truly wonderful. You may have heard of bamboo clothing and thought to yourself how is this even possible? And more importantly, why is this a thing?

Well, we’re here to answer your questions!

Bamboo pyjamas source

Before we tell you about the wonderful benefits of bamboo in clothing, let’s start by looking at why bamboo is a key part of our Anti-Insect Sleepwear.

During our travels to South East Asia, we really struggled to sleep at night from a lack of comfort and too many bug bites. So, we set out to design the ultimate sleepwear, for a cosy and protected night’s sleep wherever you are. This led to discovering the amazing properties of bamboo which we infused with OEKO-TEX® approved insect repellent technology, making our fabric just that extra bit special.

The unique combo makes the sleepwear versatile and adaptable for different climates and settings. We’ve also designed our sleepwear sets to be unisex and added special features to give you the flexibility to be as covered or not as you want.

Read on to find out more about bamboo and why our combo with anti-insect tech is a must-have…

Bamboo pyjamas with insect repellent

Benefits of bamboo pyjamas

Now onto the important question we get asked a lot – why choose bamboo nightwear?

  1. It’s comfortable and oh so soft – our sleepwear doubles up as great loungewear and travel wear because it’s just that comfortable to live in!
  2. It’s breathable – meaning you can wear it without feeling stuffy
  3. It’s hypoallergenic – the perfect property for sleepwear, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema
  4. It’s sweat-wicking – by pulling excess moisture away from your skin
  5. It regulates body temperature – by ventilating air, keeping you cooler in the warm weather and toasty in the cold
  6. It’s naturally anti-bacterial – which gives our sleepwear it’s fantastic odour control properties

Bonus: our anti-insect treatment gives the bamboo fabric an extra boost of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, making it effective against the build-up of odour-causing fungus and bacteria. Meaning the fabric will stay fresher for longer, so you don’t have to wash it as often – Yay!

With that in mind, it’s clear why to choose a bamboo pyjama set. With so many natural benefits, it is amazing at giving you the best night’s sleep.

Bamboo nightwear

Where to use anti-insect bamboo pyjamas

By now, we hope you’re sold on bamboo sleepwear, but you may be wondering why go further with enhancing it with tech. To answer this question, let’s look at where you can use bamboo bug proof clothing.

  • At home – of course, these can be used at home giving you maximum comfort with minimum effort! They are perfect for sleeping, lounging, running errands and anything in-between. If you’re allergic to bites don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – literally! You can peacefully go about your day without worry and without smelly sprays.
Bamboo loungewear

  • On-the-go travel – the beauty of adaptable sleepwear is that they adapt to different settings and climates. They can be worn in hot or cold, hotel or tent, backpacking or cruising. Plus, with the great anti-bacterial odour resistance you don’t need to worry about washing the set on your long travels.
Bamboo travel wear

  • Bug heaven – sometimes we’re just so irresistible to bugs that they find us no matter where we go. The anti-insect tech really works to keep bugs at bay – whether you’re on safari, trekking through the jungle, or at your local campsite.
Bamboo pyjama set

  • For a touch of luxury – the super soft feel and premium quality of bamboo clothing give you a luxury feel and a peaceful night whether you’re in a top hotel or glamping in a yurt. The perfect way to end your day by feeling like royalty wrapped in a cloud.
Bamboo buy proof clothing

  • Honeymooners – the unisex sizing on all We Drifters sets are a great fit for both men and women. Perfect for his and hers adventures together!

But wait! What if you’re not planning on travelling right now but are still curious about the benefits of bamboo? Great news, you can use bamboo sleepwear anywhere and everywhere! They’re great for daily use at home – we are working from home in ours at the moment! They are also a great investment to prep for when you do travel – due to the handy built-in storage bag it can be packed away ready for your next adventure.

Read more about our sleepwear set and how the revolutionary technology is useful when you’re on your adventures!

Did you know: £2 from every sale goes to Malaria No More, helping in the research and aid to combat malaria around the world.

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