How To Get In Touch With Mother Nature During Luxury Trips

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People take holidays for many reasons; you can relax and refresh your inner self while escaping the pressure and stress of everyday life. Spending quality time with family and friends can improve relationships, and your mental and physical health can lead to a better life perspective. One of our favourite reasons for travelling is spending more time in the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature.

Time in nature can be an incredible part of any trip, especially luxury travel – the key is finding a place and itinerary that inspires you. Whether that is seeing exotic animals on African Safari, or a faith-based visionary journey, walking the footsteps of religious figures with companies like Cosmos Tours. Or maybe even a lodge in the Swiss Alps, where during the Autumn months, you find birds of prey, deer, and mountain hares, or stroll through fields of flowers abundant with birds and butterflies during the summer months.

Whatever your reason for travelling and however you want to spend time in nature, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit. For those who want a bit of outdoors without compromising on comfort, we will cover some ways to get in touch with nature during a luxury trip. Read on!

Wildlife Watching In Canada

To add luxury during your trip to commune with Mother Nature, start your Canadian holiday in an opulent Banff Hotel and explore Banff, and Jasper area to learn about the culture and wildlife. After a night spent in luxurious surroundings, take a train ride toward Hudson Bay, and you might be lucky enough to see a grizzly bear in Manitoba, the only place where they coexist with polar bears and black bears. Take an excursion around the islands to view the seals, look for eagle nests on cliffs or ledges, and see starfish colonies in the water.

Discover Wildlife In Asia

Asia has much to offer tourists who want luxury while seeing the best of the natural world. Borneo is home to some astonishing creatures, and with many tours available, including a boat safari, you will see some unique wildlife wonders. Watch with delight how orangutans, pigmy elephants, monkeys, and others live in their natural habitat as you explore the rainforests. Luxury lodges and resorts offer sumptuous accommodations and excellent amenities for you to relax and reflect on the fantastic things you have seen.

Ocean Wellness

For your next wildlife adventure at sea, a luxury cruise can make you feel the enormity of nature with the never-ending deep blue sea. Ocean-inspired journeys take that a step further with experiences enhancing the ocean’s calm and revitilising influence, by Explora Cruises. Along with all the standard luxury amenities you would expect – fine dining, wellbeing spa, and sumptuous accommodation. Join other travellers in spotting incredible marine, coastal, and land wildlife along the way. Travelling this way gives you a chance to combine the isolation and peacefulness of the sea with stops at key ports and locations, thus mixing nature with a more urban holiday.

Scottish Wildlife Break

Scotland's wild, mountainous landscape, dark lochs, green glens, and forests are famous for the abundance of wildlife that makes their home here. Stay in a remote luxury lodge or farmhouse, which offers the tourist a grand but comfortable holiday home. You can explore the mysterious wilderness from here, watching out for animals, birds, and other wildlife along the way. The Scottish Wildlife Trust has an excellent guide on what species you can find in the woodlands, heathland, or moorland habitats. Climb one of the Scottish peaks for spectacular views over a nature reserve or a loch and enjoy how the pine-scented air fills your lungs!

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