How to maximise your bug protection clothing and care for your We Drifters sleepwear

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Bug protection clothing is a game changer...

Maybe you’ve bought yourself a set of our nifty Anti-Insect Sleepwear and want to make sure you’re using it like a pro, or maybe you’re yet to buy and want to know what to expect. You’ve come to the right place! Here we cover everything you need to know, from what you get when you order a set to how best to use and take care of your tech-enhanced bamboo sleepwear.

What’s included

All our sleepwear sets are packed in recycled, sustainable, cardboard boxes and delivered free of charge when you select Royal Mail standard delivery.

Upon opening your We Drifters box, you will find:

  • 1 long sleeve top with thumb holes and snap fastenings
Bug protection top

  • 1 pair of trousers with zipped pockets and stirrups
Bug protection trousers

  • 1 pair of socks
Anti-insect socks

  • 2-in-1 pillow case and storage bag
Anti-insect pillowcase

  • A little thank you card from us :)
Anti-insect sleepwear set

You can either keep and reuse the box or pop it into the recycling – yay for 100% eco-friendly packaging!

How to maximise your bug protection

For us bug bites are a big no no! Our bug proof clothing is made from a lightweight bamboo fabric, impregnated with a revolutionary insect protection that helps to keep 90% of biting insects at bay! Click here to find out more about our anti-insect clothing.

We have built in some clever anti-insect features into our sleepwear sets, giving you the option to be as covered as you like.

  • Thumb holes – did you know your wrists are most prone to being bitten by bugs? These thumb holes keep the anti-insect fabric around your wrists so you don’t have to fret.
bug repellent top sleeve

  • Stirrups – attached to the bottom of the trousers, these stirrups easily slip around your heel to stay under your foot to help keep the anti-insect fabric covering your ankles. Ankles are another hot spot target for bugs! The stirrups can easily be cut out if you don’t want them, the choice is yours.
insect repellent trouser stirrups

  • Socks – we couldn’t leave your feet out! So, we have included optional socks with every set.
insect protection socks

  • Attaching top and bottom – hidden within the top and trousers, we’ve added four buttons and loop holes to attach the two together, essentially forming a onesie in disguise. This helps keep your waist covered in anti-insect fabric to protect you while you’re wriggling around in your sleep.
bug repellent top attachment

  • Pillow case – this gives you our special anti-insect protection comfortably behind your head and as close to your face as possible! This works well alone or with a head net.
Insect repellent pillow

  • Storage bag on the go – cleverly attached to the pillow case, this compact bag fits the entire set, which is super handy if you’re travelling light. Inside the bag there’s a small zipped compartment, just big enough for your phone and passport. This is helpful if you want to keep your valuables close by when you sleep!
Anti-insect sleepwear bag

These features can be customised to suit you, whether you want to maximise your insect repellent clothes from head to toe or just need certain parts covered – the choice is yours! A comfy, convenient and effective alternative to bug repellent sprays and nets.

How to pack your sleepwear

We recommend using the compact storage bag that comes attached to the pillow case. There’s a bit of knack for getting everything inside the bag in the best way:

  1. Fold – first fold the pillowcase into a small rectangle shape, to sit just outside of the bag. This will be the last thing you put inside the bag.
  2. Roll – lay the top and trousers on a flat surface and smooth out the fabric with your hands. With the top, fold the sleeves towards the centre and then tightly roll the fabric from one end. Repeat for the trousers, folding them in half first and then rolling. Don’t forget to roll the socks too!
  3. Pack – take each roll and place them inside the bag, stacking them horizontally. Once all the rolled items are inside, add the folded pillowcase. It will be a tight fit but the bag will help squeeze everything into a compact space, so the sleepwear set takes up as little space as possible!
  4. Close – use the drawstring cord and toggle to close the bag. Voilà, you’re done!
insect repellent clothing set

Top tips to care for your We Drifters sleepwear

Our bug resistant clothing is durable and long lasting though requires care for the best results. Here are some of our top tips to increase the longevity of your We Drifters sleepwear:

Only wash when needed

  • Odour resistant properties – the treatment in the fabric reduces the build up of odour producing bacteria, meaning you don’t have to wash the sleepwear as often as normal clothing.
  • Eco friendly – less washing means more convenience for you, but it’s also much better for the environment!
  • Longer lasting anti-insect protection – the anti-insect technology is tightly bound to the fabric fibres before the sleepwear is made, meaning that without washing it will not wear off. When you do decide to wash it (which should not be often!), it’s important to follow the care label. *
Anti-insect sleepwear features

Follow the care label

  • Wash – machine washable on a cool cycle at 30 degrees or below, do not soak or use softeners as this can affect the anti-insect tech. We recommend washing separate to other clothes, and never in open waters such as lakes or rivers.
  • Dry – hang dry to avoid creasing and never tumble dry! The set can be ironed and steamed on the lowest setting, but usually hanging avoids the sleepwear needing an iron.

If you want to find out more about our Anti-Insect Sleepwear or read our FAQs, click here.

Bug repellent set

* We expect the anti-insect tech to last 20+ washes (remember you don't have to wash it often due to the odour resistant properties), depending on how you care for the sleepwear. We have designed the sleepwear to be very comfy so that you can continue using it as normal clothing even after the anti-insect feature washes off. However, if you prefer, you can contact to return the set back to us to get a discount on your next set. Plus, we will recycle the old set!