Introducing Our New Enhanced Anti-Insect Clothing

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You may have seen a new version of our signature bamboo anti-insect sleepwear launched. You may be wondering what it is and how it differs from the Original. Or you may have stumbled across this, intrigued to learn more about our bug proof clothing. Either way, read on to get all your questions answered in this blog post, introducing our latest clothing!

What anti-insect clothing is available?

We have two versions of our unisex anti-insect sleepwear available to buy now. Both are made from lightweight bamboo fabric infused with treatment, to keep 90% of bugs away. Both include odour-resistant technology, meaning you don’t have to wash them as often as normal clothing!

The two versions are our:

  • Original – anti-insect treatment expected to last 20+ washes, depending on how you care for the clothing.
  • Enhanced – anti-insect treatment lasts for 70+ washes, longer than the lifetime of garments.

All our clothing sets include a top with thumb holes, trousers with stirrups, socks, and a 2-in1 pillowcase and storage bag.

The clothing has been designed to be multifunctional, so that you can use them for sleep and beyond. They make for comfy loungewear and breathable base layers, plus have thermo control properties meaning they are versatile enough to use in different climates.

What is the difference between the Original and Enhanced versions of the clothing?

The main difference is that our Enhanced version includes the addition of a treatment extender, to help the anti-insect technology bind even tighter to the fabric fibres. We wash tested sample fabrics and lab tested these to show that at 70 washes the fabric still has treatment at the right level to help keep bugs away.

The enhanced version is also available in two additional unisex sizes, XXS and XXL.

Why do we have two versions?

Our vision has always been to create long-lasting, comfortable clothing that also helps keep bugs away, for peace of mind wherever you are. We wanted an alternative to bug sprays, and something you could use long-term for adventures at home or for travels far away. Our Original version of the clothing was our first answer to that, with built in anti-insect tech and minimal washes needed. The clothing is designed to continue being used as normal clothing, after the treatment wears off, and we also offer the option for the sleepwear to be returned in exchange for a voucher for a new set (we’ll recycle the old clothing).

We’ve been thrilled to see all your rave reviews and see all the far flung corners of the world it has travelled to! We knew we had an amazing product (a little biased.. we know) but we knew we also wanted to continue making it last as long as possible. This led to investing in a treatment extender and lots of testing to ensure the anti-insect treatment would last for even longer. Voilà, our Enhanced version was born, an option for any travel addicts needing a set to match their long-term wanderlust desires.

Which version is right for me?

Hopefully you’ve read from the start to here and not skipped to this, as the above should give you a good idea on which version may be best for you. But to summarise, it really depends on how much you’ll be using the clothing and how long you’ll need the anti-insect treatment to last. The Original version will last a very long time thanks to the odour resistant properties, so is great for occasional camping and yearly trips abroad. Whereas the Enhanced version is ideal for those regularly in need of some bug protection. It’s worth noting that it does retail at a higher price point thanks to the extra 50+ washes it provides (70+ in total). The cost difference covers the price of the treatment extender and extra testing required.

We hope you have found this article helpful and have a clearer idea on what our anti-insect sleepwear is all about! You can shop our two versions here and find our FAQs on the same page. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or send us a message on our Instagram page.