Luxury Nightwear and Why it’s Worth it

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Luxury nightwear – why bother?

In this blog we’re going to be talking about luxury nightwear and how it’s a great little treat to add to your life.

Did you know you spend on average 2,848 hours a year sleeping? That’s 1/3 of your year! Now times that by your age… yep that’s a long time sleeping, so why not splurge a little on some fancy pjs!

luxury nightwear

Let’s look at the reasons why to invest in luxury sleepwear:

  • Good for your skin – typically luxury nightwear uses the best high quality fabrics with your comfort in mind. Not only does this increase the sleepwear's durability but it’s also great for those with sensitive skin.
  • Good for the planet – high quality fabrics are better for our planet as they reduce ‘fast fashion’ waste. Highly durable sleepwear can withstand your tossing and turning at night which usually stretches the material over time. This means the sleepwear will last longer and is therefore more sustainable for the planet and your purse!
Luxuy nightwear in bed

  • Look good, feel good – it’s true! When you look good you ultimately get a little boost and feel good too. With us all spending more time indoors at home it’s especially important to make sure you feel good. Investing in luxury pjs is a great way to pamper yourself and is a perfect addition to your self-care routine.
  • Peaceful night – we all have restless nights where you just can’t get comfy enough. Luxury nightwear helps to reduce nights like these by making you feel soft and cosy to help you drift off to sleep.
  • Versatile – luxury sleepwear isn’t just for sleeping! These fancy sets also make great loungewear, cooking-wear, cleaning-wear, movie night-in-wear... anything! The comfy designs offer you mobility and freedom to get on with your day while looking fabulous!
Luxury sleepwear outside

Now you know why luxury pjs are worth the hype, let us help you decide on the things to look for before you splurge.

  • Know your materials – there are a lot of fabric choices and they each have their own properties and benefits. The most popular ones are natural fabrics, which include: cotton, silk, wool and even bamboo!
  • Look for features – while tassels and sequins look great, they’re not always the most practical especially when you’re desperately trying to fall asleep. Try look for features that are handy and stylish, for example some clever multi-functional sleepwear include zipped pockets to keep your phone safe while you’re lounging around the house, while some may have hoods to keep your hair knot free.
  • Consider the options for you – another big feature common with sleepwear is buttons and drawstrings, if you’re one to wriggle around at night these may not be best as they can get caught and undo themselves, which is the last thing you want! Maybe look for snap buttons, elastic waistbands and pullovers.
  • Snug or baggy – check sizing guides for recommendations on the fit of your nightwear. A tight fit may be more snug and cosy while a relaxed fit leaves room to move about. Select the size based on your comfort needs.
Luxury sleepwear fabric source

We hope we’ve shown you the wonders of luxury sleepwear and why investing a little now can leave you happier for longer.

Check out our very own We Drifters luxury nightwear set here, made from bamboo infused with anti-insect tech, perfect for peace of mind while you sleep. Inspired by travel, our clothing will keep you protected and stylish whether you’re cosying up at home or exploring in the deep forest.

Luxury nightwear for self-care