Our Top Staycation Recommendations 2021

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With the weather getting warmer you might be looking for some holiday inspiration. Staycations are a great alternative to get away and refresh yourselves as travelling abroad may not be feasible just yet.  

We’ve compiled some great staycation ideas with a mix of luxury holidays, family breaks and unique trips to ignite your inner wanderlust.

Top UK locations

With the Met Office predicting 21 degrees in mid-July, the UK 2021 summer is expected to be the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures – especially after being cooped up indoors all winter!  Maybe you're planning the next girls weekend away or a staycation in the countryside?  Whatever your ideas, here are some of our favourite locations to suit different types of getaways:

  • Scottish Highlands – Perfect for outdoor adventure and glamping
  • Lake District – Perfect for mountain peaks and glamping
  • Peak District – Perfect for walks and family holidays
  • Yorkshire Dales – Perfect for outdoors adventure and glamping
  • Kent – Perfect for historic tours and sailing
  • Southampton – Perfect for ports and sailing
  • Bath – Perfect for a city breaks and spas
  • Devon – Perfect for countryside and coastline
  • Cornwall – Perfect for harbour villages and coastline
  • The Cotswold – Perfect for short getaways and nature walks

Types of staycations


Glamping has emerged as one of the hottest 2021 trends! Literally “glamourous camping”, it provides the experience of a traditional camping trip, with all of the home luxuries at your fingertips. The phrase first appeared in 2005, but it seems the trend itself was saved for 2021, when that feeling of luxury escapism was needed most. The appetite for this style of holiday, plus the plethora of gorgeous locations around the UK, means that glamping is fast becoming a new way to experience the outdoors. 

With an added element of luxury, now is your chance to sleep in some truly unique accommodations. From treehouses and cabins to yurts and tipis. Why not give them a go?

Bonus! These secluded accommodations are Covid friendly, meaning you can roam about freely.

Staycayion glamping
Staycation glamping yurt
Images courtesy of Cool Camping

  • For the most extraordinary properties and to experience the one-of-a-kind “champing” (camping in a church), visit Host Unusual. The unique experience of champing is brought to you by the Churches Conservation Trust, the national charity for protecting historic churches at risk. They repair the damage from years of neglect, and work with local communities to bring them alive once again!
Staycation champing
Staycation champing inside
Images courtesy of Host Unusual

  • For locations up and down the UK, and with some of the most quirky glamping experiences around, visit Canopy and Stars.
  • For a eco-friendly experience up in the woodlands of Trossachs National Park and Scotland, visit Lanrick Treehouses.
Glamping treehouses
Glamping treehouses inside
Images courtesy of Lanrick Treehouses


Still feeling slightly claustrophobic and confined to the UK? For those looking for more freedom, we recommend trying a sailing holiday! The UK has a vast stretch of coastline, with every inch different than the other; from the Jurassic Coast stretching from Devon to Dorset, all the way to the silky sand of Tynemouth Beach along the North East coast.

With options for a long haul luxury cruise to a short family weekend away, sailing is a great way to make your holiday unique.  

Sailing holidays allow you to relax, enjoy water adventures, go sightseeing and tour the world – whatever floats your boat! You can choose whichever combination suits you and there’s definitely something available for everyone.

  • If you're looking for a company with a community spirit and an unparalleled knowledge of the most innovating and unusual sailing adventures out there, visit Kraken.
Staycation sailing
Staycation sailing boat
Images courtesy of Kraken
  • For a high-end, luxury experience, visit Y.CO.
  • For a low-key canal trip up in the highlands, visit Scottish Canals.
  • For coastal cruises around the UK, setting off from cities like Dover, Southampton and Liverpool, visit Planet Cruise.


We know how stressful booking holidays for your family can be… especially making sure your kids are happy! For parents it’s important to have some ‘me’ time while also spending some quality family time together. For children it’s important to experience new things, have space to run around and explore the outdoors.

We are sharing some great resources to help you find the perfect balance for your family holiday.

Family staycation
Family glamping
Images courtesy of Kiddie Holidays
  • For private farmstays in the UK (as well as villas in Lanzarote and Portugal) visit Holiday Tots.

Wellbeing & Spa Retreat

After a jam-packed year of highs and lows, wellbeing has become a top priority for many people. It is important to keep up with your mental health and allow yourself time to relax. For those who can’t wait to indulge in a bit of TLC and realign their mind, body and soul, wellbeing and spa retreats are just for you!

We recommend a spa retreat coupled with a glamping experience for the ultimate 2021 UK staycation splurge.

  • For all-inclusive experiences in the historic city of York, visit The Grand York.
Staycation York
Staycation spa.
Images courtesy of The Grand York

  • For retreats in purpose-built facilities, visit Wellbeing Escapes.
  • For additional information on how wellness retreats can be beneficial, read this great article by Women and Home here.

Historic Tour

After finding unique hidden gems within our local areas last year, 2021 could be the year to really explore the UK and all it’s great history. The UK is filled with a rich history and buildings that are still standing to tell the tale!

By booking an inclusive holiday with tours, accommodation and food, you can experience and learn a deeper meaning behind the UK’s most historic sites. It’s time to explore the UK in the eyes of a tourist.

  • For the ultimate list of all-time best UK tours, visit Historic UK.
  • For individual-themed events like the Elizabeth I and the Anne Boleyn Experience, visit British History Tours.
  • If you're fascinated by the diverse range of tours and activities, and if you're interested in the any of the 20 UNESCO Heritage sites throughout the UK, check out Visit England.
Historic staycation
UK Staycation

Essential packing list for any 2021 staycation

In the current climate, it's safe to say that a facemask is a priority. Although most of our recommendations are secluded, there's no telling when you have to nip inside a public building. We also recommend a weekend bag, hand-sanitiser, a portable fan, suncream, a bag of toiletries, a coffee flask and a swimsuit. Last but not least, our unisex Anti-Insect Sleepwear – essential clothing not just for your next trip, but your future international adventures! Insect activity increases over the warmer months with critters that are hidden away in the winter making a reappearance. The answer isn’t anxiously waiting out the summer months inside, it’s our incredible (and OEKO-TEX® approved) HHL Technology Vital Protection within our sleepwear.

Staycation sleepwear

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