Where to Explore on the Kefalonia Coast

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Kefalonia is the largest island in the Ionian Island chain and is arguably one of the most beautiful islands to explore in Greece. It has lovely beaches, fascinating caves, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful villages. If you're visiting Kefalonia soon and wondering what to see, here's where to explore the Kefalonia coast.

1. Myrtos Beach

Often rated as one of Greece's best beaches, Myrtos is a gorgeous beach with crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. It lies on the lower slopes of two mountains and getting there requires a bit of a trek. Yet, the views from above will make it well worth it. Take note that there are no restaurants, cafes, or facilities here, so don't forget to bring some snacks. Also, the beach can get crowded during the peak summer season, so come early to guarantee a space.

2. Melissani Cave

Kefalonia is home to Melissani Cave, one of the natural marvels of Greece. The spectacular sea cave houses an underground lake with sparkling blue waters lit by the sun through a cavity in the rock. Melissani Lake has been hidden underground for several hundred years. Over time, the cave's roof collapsed, leading to the discovery of this incredible spot. Visiting the Melissani will require rowing out into the lake with a guide to discover magnificent stalactite formations with shafts of lights illuminating the lake through the holes from above - an amazing sight to behold!

3. Argostoli Harbour

A visit to the Argostoli harbour is a must for every tourist in Kefalonia. It's a lovely place to stroll around, especially if you come here early in the morning to watch the sun rising from the bay. The promenade is lined with palm trees and has a paved pedestrian path to enjoy a scenic stroll. Enjoy the sights of fishing boats setting off to the bay and sea turtles emerging from the harbour. There are also shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes to grab some refreshments as you watch the locals going about their daily lives. If you’re hoping to spend more time here, some of Kefalonia’s lovely rental properties are scattered around the area.

4. Assos

Assos is a lovely village sitting on a waterfront and home to colourful houses surrounding an idyllic bay. As you wander around the village, you'll come across ruins of a Venetian castle, tiny chapels, and tavernas serving the most delectable Greek cuisines. Assos has a pebble beach with calm, pool-like waters where you can take a refreshing dip. It's a quieter alternative to the nearby Myrtos Beach, which is often crowded with tourists.

5. Svoronata

Svoronata is another beautiful village in Kefalonia that's a joy to explore. It's on the island's southwest coast, about 9 km away from Argostoli, close to the village of Lassi. The area is quite flat, with winding and narrow streets perfect for long walks. Come early in the evening and admire its beautiful gardens with all sorts of colourful flowers. The area around the village is popular among beachgoers, and it's common to witness an occasional beach party during summer.